why rent


Computer on rent ready ex-stock and usually delivered within 24-48 hours from the time of ordering. This decreases deployment time drastically. Be it for a branded or an unbranded equipment. Its always ready.


Your Return on Capital in your business, or by putting it to better use, will be far more than if you utilized it on high depreciating equipment.Desktops/Laptops on hire helps you Free up your Capital and put it to better use, and also in turn to reduce your interest cost, if any.


Scaling up operations or downsizing the same becomes much easier, and at zero additional cost, or loss, when you avail computer rental services. Just a simple phone call, or an email, does that for you. In the fast paced, rapidly changing scenarios we face in this time and age, this is a key reason to opt for computer rentals instead of buying them.


Technology, as we know, is changing at a very rapid pace in this time and age. And its only expected to move faster. Under the circumstances processing power needs, and speeds, are becoming defining factors in helping internal processes become faster. Given this scenario, the Technology Refresh Rate is becoming shorter. Computer rentals makes this adoption easier, and least expensive as a solution as compared to buying.


Computer rental services frees you from procuring and maintaining service Packs, or entering into different service level agreement’s with different vendors for various products used by you or your organization. It also frees you from maintaining records of Software Licenses. When you take computers on hire, your single contract will cover all the above areas. Your equipment will come with software preloaded.


Desktop rentals helps keeps the high depreciating IT equipment off your balance sheet. Your monthly rentals, or any other payment option chosen by You or your organization, are considered as expenses in your book of accounts. The tax benefits incurred by Renting, outs to rest the advantages between buying and renting.*


Computer rental services allows you to use the Best IT equipment there is to offer, based on your needs. It brings within reach any and all IT equipment. Whether it’s a new technology you want to try out, or simply use it for a short period of time, PC Rentals helps you fulfill that desire. It brings within reach a whole range of technologies without you having to spend an arm and a leg for it.


As a company offering you this service, we understand a very simple fact. On a Rental model, our client is paying us for literally every hour of usage. And this motivates and drives us to ensure that your problems, if any, arising out of usage of our equipment, is attended to in the shortest possible time. This has helped us to be in a position to have the Fastest Response Time in the industry today.


We provide you with Multiple options for payments. From the standard Monthly payments to Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly payment options are available on request. This helps you plan your cash flows, maximize your return on cash available and utilize it to the maximum.


Computer Hire Services ensure you have complete peace of mind. We not only Rent the equipment to You but also maintain it. Instant replacement of equipment to instant upgrades as the case or requirement maybe. We can also manage your entire IT department and free you of all worries and labor management issues. We make IT Simple.